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Corona Advice

The 90% of advice the government is not giving you! Between 70 and 80% of diseases that are even more extreme than this virus, has to do with the psychology and less dan 20% with the physical part. This is not my opinion, this is a proven fact!

Don’t forget we are still in a spiritual world and you are a spiritual being! In many studies it has been proven we can cure every disease on or own.

The common actions that people made that cured on their own power from extreem diseases, was that 20% from those action had to do with the physical part, so like
– Taking care of their lifestyle
– Going on a plant base dieet
– Taking extra herbs and supplements 

So what the government is advising you is just the 10%! So indeed, don’t go to large scale event, physical contact etc. But what about food, exercising? What about getting fit and stronger ???? This should be the other 10%!

So here you got my first advice 😉

80% is the psychology. Is like stop smoking. 20% is about not smoking the sigaret, 80% is the willpower to stop smoking, and this is the hardest part! All do even doctors agree with this 80/20 rule, the problem is that not all people have this strong self-motivation/
discipline and also miss the support to cure on their own. So that’s why medicines and drugs are a logical choice for doctors to prescribe.  

So what did de researchers find out about the people who cured on their own in the 80%, the mental part???

1. They stopped listening to other people, and start following their own intuition.
In my country (Netherlands) now 0,04% is now infected.
In china it was like 0,000005% … and from all those people 80% already cured. 
Like how I see it, the media is really blowing this up. 

2. Don’t care about what other people think of you.
I am sure people won’t react happy about this message… But I don’t care! “Listen to advice, read the articles, but always follow your heart…”

3. Having a strong will for living.
The art of living is giving! So life is not about what you would like to achieve, but what would you want to give back to this world. Forget the money and forget the degrees. 

4. Say what you want and don’t hold back
Suppressed emotions have a major impact on your health and therefore higher the risk of diseases.

5. Increasing Positive emotions!
Like I said my country 0,004% , China 0,000005 % . So my advice is stop watching the news and make fun! In your head you making it bigger than it already is.

6. Embracing Positive Social Support
Surround yourself with positive people that even in these dark days see opportunities. 

So I am not saying, don’t following the advice of the government, but I just give you the 90% of advice they forgot.
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